Breakthrough with Borme Consulting and Coaching

Breakthrough Sessions

Want to experience breakthrough in your life, business, and/or career? We all need a strong infrastructure within ourselves to handle the pressures, curveballs, and promotions of life. A strong internal frame largely determines the course of our life and whether or not we will experience it to the fullest. My breakthrough sessions will assist you to build a strong infrastructure, align your mindsets, gain prophetic insight and foresight, and set a trajectory of prosperity. You can expect these breakthrough sessions to be relational, functional, and revelational.

These dynamic sessions will help you to get clarity in your passions, strengths, destiny, and to walk in the bandwidth of breakthrough.

Destiny Design Development

What is it that God has called you to be and release into the earth? What are the works that He has foreordained for you to accomplish? God has so much to reveal to us about life, career, business, and more. When heaven’s design is the blueprint, great things happen. Destiny Design Development is an in-depth and transformational process that will help you discover your God-given destiny and develop a practical and revelational plan to walk it out. This process involves 8 different 1 hour session over a 2-3 month period. These sessions are personally tailored and space is very limited. I look forward to helping you develop a trajectory to your destiny.

Destiny Design Development is a unique process that will help you unlock who God has called you to be and release in the earth and help you develop a trajectory to fulfilling your destiny.

I have experienced business breakthroughs being coached by Brian. We actually re-branded my life coaching business through his prophetic business coaching. His insight, wisdom and business acumen stretched me to consider my future phase objectives inside of my current phase. Definitely out of my comfort zone! I love It!

He is a gift to the body and a gift to the world!

Kevin Kelley

Life Coach, Life Coach by Design


Brian's prophetic insight and wisdom has made a significant difference in my life. I've seen remarkable change in my ability to stay true to who I am and rise in strength and courage to bring myself fully to any situation. My confidence has increased that I hear God clearly and I can actually walk out daily what God is calling me into and up to. My time with Brian contained elements of inner healing, impartation, prophetic insight and encouragement that reminded me of who I am. He confirmed what God was already speaking to me which enabled me to stand in faith. He has a very prophetic, calming nature to him but carries the authority and power of God strongly within him. I learned how to position myself correctly and I just can't speak highly enough of what I have gained from His book and our time together.





Nathalie Benson

Church Staff, The House Church

Recently, I had the privilege of spending time with Brian. I looked forward to each phone call and allowed the conversations to sink in. The conversations were riveting and kept me on track. My developmental optometry practice’s volume is so high now we hired a new assistant. God has downloaded time saving ideas and my business is off the charts. My time with Brian marked a change in my personal life and my business. I highly recommend any business owner to immediately connect with Brian.

Bill Henshaw

Owner Bill Henshaw OD, FCOVD


Brian has spent the last 20 years helping university students get breakthrough in their life and mindsets. He also co-founded a prophetic business consulting firm, SkySage Consulting LLC 2015-2017. Brian is a certified life coach.