Since childhood, I have always been a dreamer, looking to the horizon and knowing there is more. I wasn’t content with boxes, when I knew that I could fly above them. At the age of 17 I fully committed my life to Jesus. Through my relationship with Him, my dreams have become even BIGGER. He said ALL things are possible to those who BELIEVE.

Playing it safe is risky, so I have lived my life as a risk-taker. Nearly everything I have done has involved stepping out in faith and expecting something good to come out of it. I am a spiritual entrepreneur and a literal one too.

At times I have doubted, second-guessed, and fallen flat on my face. Yet, I have learned God loves and rewards risk. There is something exhilarating and frightening about stepping into the unknown and being able to do nothing but trust. God has proven Himself time and time again as trustworthy and faithful.

Now, over two decades after committing myself to Jesus, I am still taking risks and believing for the impossible. I am passionate about helping others see the greatness that God has deposited in them and become more aware of their co-ascension with Christ. I love seeing people have God encounters that break off limitations, low-level thinking, and powerless living.

Brian wears many hats: husband, father, pastor, missionary, teacher, life and mindset coach, consultant, son, and friend. He and his wife Cecilee have been university campus missionaries for 20 years with Chi Alpha and currently, oversee a university ministry called Origins at UC San Diego. Brian and Cecilee enjoy spending their time with their two children: Eowyn and Liam.