How Can I serve You?

This page is designed to provide you with an overview of how I might best serve you and your community, along with a taste of what you can expect when we’re together. Please take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Types of Events

Brian would love to consider joining you for your next event. Here are a few types of events he’s successfully partnered with. Contact us if you have questions.



Brian would love to consider joining your next student retreat, conference, or one-night gathering.SCHEDULE BRIAN



Brian would love to consider joining your next church service, conference, or leadership retreat.SCHEDULE BRIAN

What others say

"Brian carries timeless truths and communicates them with freshness and precision. He elevates your thinking and causes your heart to desire higher perspectives. You'll laugh, you'll think, you'll be challenged, you'll be inspired for more, and most importantly you'll be changed by what you hear through Brian. His ability to communicate extends into business, the university setting, conferences, and small groups. You can utilize his gifts for any setting."

Founder/President of RISEmovement
Founder/Professor of RISEinstitute

"Brian is one of my heroes. He is on the frontline of the university scene where the future is forming now. Brian also has a brain. If he said it, you should pay close attention.

Brian is innovative too, quite impressive. He is reaching people in the church, business, and education world. Then through his disciples he is influencing the whole world."

Pres. Worldcast Ministries and Publishing

"Brian Orme is a spiritual special forces commander. His under the radar manner opens up the hearer to Holy Spirit hand grenades of revelation. Every time I listen to him I find my hunger level for greater Biblical understanding and fresh God encounters radically elevated. Brian is an authentic lover of God, gifted to reach this generation with the message of God's love, grace and goodness. It is an honor to recommend Brian's ministry."

Sr. Leader The Mission

"Brian Orme continues to lay down his life to see the next generation come to know the goodness of God. His unwavering passion and relevant approach have given him access into the hearts of college students. If anyone has the strength, passion, and commitment it would take to see a college campus truly transformed, it would be Brian Orme. I believe that Brian is a forerunner, like a Caleb or a Joshua, bringing back the fruit from college campuses to the Body of Christ and saying, “see this land is good!” he is an equipper, an encourager and a prophetic messenger. I look froward to hearing the testimonies of lives that have been touched as the result of his genuine passion for God!"

Unlikely Heroes

"I know many good communicators who have insight into the word of God. I know a few more who will deliver this insight with grace filled humor. An even rarer few can facilitate truly transformational faith when they speak. Brian is one of those rarest of rare communicators who seems to be effortless bringing all three. When he speaks people learn, laugh and experience God at the same time."

Teaching Pastor and Leadership Development
Bayside Church

"Brian is one of the most profound teachers and thought leaders in the nation. He is spearheading a movement of biblical revelation that astounds the mind and releases freedom like none I have ever seen or witnessed. Brian is at the forefront of what God is doing in our culture and is one of the leading instruments that is bringing cultural reformation to the Church. His teaching and revelation has been the answer to how millions of Christians did enough to get salvation, yet never received transformation. He leads people, churches, communities and cultures into transformation how God intended it."

Epic Life


"Brian Orme is an emerging voice to this generation that is not only bringing a fresh perspective on what the Kingdom of God should look like from a theological perspective, but also from the reality of encountering the Kingdom with power. Brian mixes a unique blend of straight forward biblical truth with a powerful release of the prophetic and the miraculous. Brian has been a regular guest with us for more than a decade now and he brings such great encouragement and hope to our church every time he ministers. I highly recommend that you have Brian speak at your church or conference event. He is the real deal and you will be very encouraged by his ministry and the fruit that remains."

God’s Place

"With a heart aimed towards heaven and his finger on the pulse of today’s culture, Brian Orme has become a lethal weapon in the hands of the Father and has been raised up to see a new breed of believers equipped to disciple nations. Brian fuses a fresh perspective of the Kingdom of God, a comedic edge, and a demonstration of the power of God that allows the Holy Spirit to do a deep work within those he ministers to. As a result, people leave these meetings refreshed, challenged, and equipped. I have had the privilege to know Brian for over 10 years and it has been an honor to have him on the board of Kingdom Culture Ministries. Not only has he become one of my favorite speakers, but his integrity and humility make him the real deal. Without reservation, I highly recommend Brain to come minister to your people!"

Kingdom Culture Ministries
Co-Pastor of Innovation Church

"Brian is a brilliant communicator, sharing kingdom truths, igniting in me a first-love response for God and His Word. His dry and candid humor are like armor piercing rounds exposing wrong thinking and releasing an atmospheric revelation where anything is possible. I highly recommend his life and ministry."

Sound of the Nations

"I have seen Brian and Cecilee Orme up close and they are the REAL DEAL. They have a passion to equip God’s army and reap God’s Harvest whenever they go. They are genuine, Christ-Followers who communicate God’s Word with accuracy and demonstrate his power with dignity. I highly recommend them to yourministry/church or outreach and know there will be lasting fruit!"

Author of “I AM Your Sign”